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Published:September 18th, 2011 15:06 EST
Will Says... DON'T Get Hurt at a Tea Party Event, You Might Just Be Left for Dead!

Will Says... DON'T Get Hurt at a Tea Party Event, You Might Just Be Left for Dead!

By Will Roberts

Boy, this week has been the week to recognize random acts of kindness. Now, I am going to take few of these from the news just so you know I have proof. See, nowadays it is just not good enough to tell folks that you have a good bone in your body, no, you have save someone, get crushed and that good bone has to be sticking out somewhere or people just don`t believe you. 

So you all know although I talk about things in the news, I rarely will quote actually dialogue from a news event. I am a much better paraphraser than I am an actually quoter. 

Ok, so the first thing that happened was this motorcycle crashing into a car and bursting into flames. It was an example of many, NOT ONE, but a group of people putting themselves in harm`s way to pull a man from under the burning car he hit, knowing very well that they could have been killed in attempting this rescue of this man, they succeeded! 

Then there was SRT. Dakota Meyer who received the Congressional Medal of Honor from our President yesterday. This is a medal that is normally presented to a soldier who has done something extraordinary and saved lives, and in most cases does not make it back alive to receive this award. SRT. Dakota Meyer not only went in to save his fellow soldiers once but six times and lived to tell his story. Now, here`s where I paraphrase a little. He said, he does not mind telling this story over and over because he knows it only honors the soldiers who did not make it. 

These acts of kindness are not just American, they are the signs of compassionate and caring humans and I am sure the news is scattered with them every day. 

Now, if you all know me enough, you know that sometimes I beat around the bush before I get to the weed in my story. Now sometimes it`s a flower I uncover. 

I brought up these kind acts to point out the fact that I believe that folks are inherently good. They may stray from the path of good but somehow always get back on track. 

Enter the other side of human behavior... The not so caring and compassionate. Now I don`t know how to label this, all I know is that Republicans are associating themselves with these folks and the guilt by this association could cause voters to brand the GOP as cold hearted and ruthless. 


I am talking about the Republican Debate that happened Monday. It was a Tea Party sponsored event. Seems that a question was asked about healthcare. Just so you folks know how I feel about caring for our countrymen and women. CARE is something that I think should be a given to each and every man and woman in our land. Anything short of that is barbaric. When we put a cap or conditions on helping folks we are no better than savage animals... Clear enough? Ok, moving on. 

So the question was asked, (Paraphrasing) -again. What if it was a thirty year old man with no insurance that needed this care to save his life; what should we do? Should we let him die? And Ron Paul answered in so many words, yes. And someone in the audience shouted "Yea!" and it was repeated and heard by many in the audience. 

I am not sure but this moment right now may be the total opposite of how I started this story of mine. From selflessness to selfishness. 

Is this a Tea Party thing? Sounds more like someone is spiking the tea with hard core booze and we just have us some angry drunks! 

If anyone can think of a way to mark Tea Party folks so we know where we should get hurt and where we shouldn`t, let me know. I just want to make sure if I have a car accident or I am in battle with them, NOT to expect help if I am laying there bleeding to death. 

Fair warning, Republicans and Tea Party folks. Americans may be angry right now, it`s all normal, but we will come around; I have faith, and last time I checked you did too (Let us pray).  It will come to a time where voters will decide who they want to be seen in public with and don`t be surprised when they go with the heroes and not the haters, at no matter what the cost. Now, you have to make a choice. You can`t be firm on telling a woman that she has no right to end a baby`s life and then turn around and not help a man who`s dying. 

Your friend, 

Will Roberts