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Published:September 19th, 2011 10:08 EST
Let the Music Flow in Peace Like a River with Vocalist Heather Ramsey

Let the Music Flow in Peace Like a River with Vocalist Heather Ramsey

By SOP newswire2

Do you long for holiday music that takes you to a simpler time and place?

Heather Ramsey, vocalist and CEO of The Midwest School of Voice, honored to be releasing her second CD with "Peace Like a River."

Her soulful vocal style and poignant interpretations of holiday classics are a reflection of her diverse influences in music. Renowned pianist, arranger, composer and author Dr. Monika Herzig adds her unique spin to these festive tunes to showcase Ramsey`s ability to sing many styles.

Ramsey draws some of her influence on this album from the beloved holiday music of The Carpenters. "I`ll admit it, I`m a huge Karen Carpenter fan, and something about her voice on their holiday album puts me at peace any time of year. Holiday music is homecoming for me, a return to my roots. I wanted to share my love of this music with the world and do it in a way that invited everyone to enjoy something on the album. You`ll hear my favorite songs, my parent`s favorite songs, songs to lift your spirit and songs to make you reflect on holidays gone by and holidays to come. Monika was also able to incorporate my love of many different musical styles in the arrangements, so each song is a new experience and a new sound. I hope you enjoy my gift to you this holiday season and share it with your family and friends," said the vocalist.

Ramsey and Herzig are frequent collaborators and the chance to record together was a special event for both ladies.  Herzig stated that performing on the album was "a real treat...for myself, fort he musicians, and for everyone who will get to enjoy this."

"Peace Like a River" features familiar favorites like "Merry Christmas Darling," "Sleigh Ride" and "I`ll be Home for Christmas," while also featuring the Herzig original "Ballad of a Snowman" and a charming duet "This Christmas" with Ramsey`s fiancé, Blair Clark, a vocalist that has performed in hundreds of private and public venues throughout Europe and the United States.


1.   Merry Christmas Darling
2.   Winter Weather
3.   Peace Like a River
4.   Sleigh Ride
5.   Breath of Heaven
6.   I`ll Be Home for Christmas
7.   Ballad of a Snowman
8.   River
9.   The Christmas Song
10. The Man With the Bag
11. This Christmas (duet with Blair Clark)

Peace Like a River will be available to purchase at established retailers like by mid-September.  For more information, be sure to visit