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Published:September 19th, 2011 10:55 EST
NOW Killer Trees? I'm Concerned Evidence Will Be Destroyed

NOW Killer Trees? I'm Concerned Evidence Will Be Destroyed

By SOP newswire2

Honorable Editor: 

While the John Kays piece on the killing of Haeyoon Miller by aeucalyptus tree (and some unnamed co-conspirators) in Costa Mesa was the best piece I`ve read in considerable searching, I do have some things to add.

(I`ve already submitted an Op-Ed piece to the Los Angeles Times and sent a couple of emails to their beat reporter, but if they don`t bite, maybe I`ll send it to you if you`re interested.) 

I`ve got considerable experience with trees, including a lot with the species concerned, so I`m not just some crank coming out of the woodwork. I`ve also done several Op-Eds for major newspapers too, so I`m not totally green in that department either.

I`ll give you more specifics if you want to work together, or if Kays wants to do follow-ups I`ll share with him.  

There are a lot of defects in the reporting. While I`m not on-site, I did look up the tree on Google Maps, and that tree was a leaner!

Any tree-man or -woman worth his or her salt should have noticed this potentially deadly condition a long time ago, I suspect. I`m concerned that the evidence will be destroyed, that the authorities will destroy the tree, its roots, and the stump. While there are photographs, those are not as good as the real thing. Mark my words; there may be a stump-grinder out there now.

If I knew how to contact the family`s lawyer, I would encourage them to demand that the evidence be preserved and the site treated as a crime-scene.  

I`ve got more to say, but as I don`t know whether or not you`re interested, I won`t go into it until I get a request from you.  Congratulations to y`all and Kays for the good work!