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Published:September 19th, 2011 10:25 EST
You're Right! The Crime Scene Area and Evidence Needs to Be Preserved

You're Right! The Crime Scene Area and Evidence Needs to Be Preserved

By SOP newswire2

John Kays: 

Accounts of a Falling Eucalyptus Tree Accident in Costa Mesa are conflicting!

You`re right! The area and the evidence needs to be preserved, the former as a crime-scene. I`m very concerned that they will be out there grinding the stump and the roots, destroying important evidence (e.g., severed roots or "root-pruning" [a common malpractice in CA], to "protect" curbs, gutters, and pavement). Look at the site on Google, especially the street view--the median is considerably ELEVATED, when it should be depressed (below curb). Yup, I suspect that the "tree-men" were even more incompetent than they are now. "Arborists" have a lock on this kind of work, but . . . well, I won`t comment.  


PS: I`m a retired "tree-man." I ran the maintenance operations for San Diego`s Balboa and Mission Bay parks for a while in the seventies, and did lots of other tree stuff. I don`t want the work, but somebody needs to challenge the "experts." I`m just outraged that the government stonewalls victims with red herrings, etc. 

The second tree from the right. Notice the lean and the elevated soil. I suspect that when the patterned concrete strip was poured (or at some other time), some of the major support/anchoring roots were cut off. Got any student investigators who can go through the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach records (including street-improvement contracts, minor improvements, and street and tree maintenance records) in that area? 


The third tree from the end, left.

The tree in the foreground. They removed at least one other tree, according to some reports and pix.