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Published:September 20th, 2011 12:18 EST
More Drama For Casey Anthony: George and Cindy's Marriage Meltdown

More Drama For Casey Anthony: George and Cindy's Marriage Meltdown

By Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)

With the explosive interviews of Cindy and George Anthony on Dr. Phil, noted clinical psychologist and couples counselor, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, gives her psychological observations about their marriage being in trouble now more than ever before.

Here are her talking points:

1.  Research shows that many couples who lose a child separate, as deep-seeded emotions, including guilt and blame, cause unresolved conflict. Granted Caylee is the Anthonys` granddaughter, but (1) she had been like a child to them, given their attachment to her and given that Casey was hardly a hands-on mother; and (2) they have now "lost" their daughter since they are not in contact with her and George admits Casey is "not welcome at their home."

2.  They presented a somewhat united front during the years leading up to the trial, but this has crumbled, as demonstrated on the Dr Phil show when George spoke up about his theory about Casey`s involvement in Caylee`s death and Cindy, with disapproving looks throughout the show, said she had never heard him say those things before. George is now breaking out on his own - a loose cannon - which can cause intense "aftershocks", e.g. blow-ups behind closed doors.

3.  In response to their differing views on Caylee`s fate, Cindy says they can "agree to disagree." From a psychological point of view, can you "agree to disagree" and make a marriage work? Yes; compromise in communicating and resolving disagreements are key to a healthy relationship (I have written extensively about this in my book, "The Complete Idiots Guide to a Healthy Relationship"). But some issues cannot withstand totally diverse opinions. This would include the Anthonys` disagreement over whether their daughter was involved in their granddaughter`s death! It is hard to imagine a couple laughing over romantic dinners, or cuddling in bed, when one blames the daughter and she was involved (possibly with someone else) in their granddaughter`s demise while in stark contrast, the other is defending the daughter`s innocence. George blames Casey and says Caylee may be have been "sedated" so she could go out partying, which led to a worse outcome) and Cindy defends her daughter`s innocence, posing theories about her having "postpartum schizophrenia" or a "grand male seizure" and saying she prayed to God that the trails` outcome would show the truth, and that she believes the not guilty verdict did that.

4.  The Anthonys are even victims of the intense public attention to their family dysfunction and drama. People are still glued to their story because it is a soap opera. The newest installment is Cindy and George`s appearance on TV in apparently candid interviews. With soap operas being cancelled on TV - much to the outrage of millions of fans - people will be looking for more family dramas like these.

5.  The Anthonys have a vast different style of coping with tragedy, which is even more evident now. Cindy is still covering up, while George is going in the opposite direction, unraveling and uncovering. George has admitted addiction (to gambling) and depression (even suicidal ideation). In contrast, Cindy uses defense mechanisms of denial and rationalization and appears to lie. A temper like hers could easily be directed at George, which he can turn inward.

6.  The couple has to seek therapy to resolve many intense issues, especially as they have been played out in the public eye. Their need for therapy is evident even in their giving access to Dr Phil, instead of a news show.

7.  Love and connection was not evident between the couple on TV. Although George did reach out to put his hand on Cindy`s knee at one point, Cindy smirked, and tightened her lips, on many occasions when George spoke, revealing more tension between them. They both displayed more downward glances than any caring glances towards each other.

8.  Therapy should be couple counseling and also individual therapy. This is psychologically sound approach for couples with as severe issues to afce as the Anthonys. This was evident in Dr. Phil interviewing George on his own.

9.  An issue that must be addressed in couples counseling as well as individual therapy is the accusations made by Casey`s lawyer of George having abused his daughter. Such accusations are exceptionally psychologically serious, and can serve to unstable an accused man and to enrage his wife and the mother of their child.

10.  Control is another issue to address in therapy. Cindy has seemingly worn the pants in the family and George is now speaking his mind in disagreement with her. George is in danger of re-emerging suicidal thoughts, given his revelations on television. After this airing, Cindy can be aggressively critical of him, his performance and what he said.

11.  The drama that is unfolding will undoubtedly have another chapter. The Anthonys can be addicted to their TV personas, and the public will also want to see the next evolution of their story.

12.  It is important to know how much the Anthony`s were paid to do theinterview. Clearly they have had financial troubles before.

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