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Published:September 23rd, 2011 12:01 EST

Pop Tart Lady Gaga To Meet Obama Over Bullying? Say It Ain't So!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga has announced she is to meet Barack Obama to discuss new legislation to counteract bullying. Following the recent suicide of a 14-year-old fan, Jamey Rodemeyer, a victim of bullies, the singer called on American lawmakers to make bullying illegal. Bullying, she tweeted, is a `hate crime`.


`I am meeting with our president,` Gaga declared on Twitter. `I will not stop fighting.` Despite her words, however, there has been no confirmation from the White House that Obama has actually agreed to meet with Gaga."


I commend Lady Gaga for taking a strong stand against bullying, as a pop star she has a lot of influence on kids, and hopefully she can convince them that bullying isn`t a cool thing.

But Lady Gaga shouldn`t try to profit from her anti-bullying stance by trying to snag a photo-op with President Obama. Lady Gaga needs more publicity like Oprah Winfrey needs more donuts and cakes to munch on.

If Obama agrees to meet Lady Gaga I will lose all respect for him, and he won`t be getting my vote next year. Bullying is a very serious issue, and if Obama invites Lady Gaga, it will make it seem like a trivial issue.

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