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Published:September 26th, 2011 11:01 EST

Sorceress Cagliastro Mummifies Pets! Would You Mummify Your Pooch Or Cat?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York woman who makes a living mummifying pets says she`s `fascinated by this thing called death.`

Kingston, N.Y., resident Sorceress Cagliastro is a professional mummy-maker, specializing in pets that weigh up to 100 pounds"



I love my cat, Ebony, but sometimes she stares at me and I wonder what mischievousness she`s planning. A mummified Ebony, forever staring at me, would scare the BeJesus out of me! I`m sorry to disappoint Sorceress Cagliastro, but when Ebony dies she`s going to be buried in my backyard.

The Sorceress charges between $800 to $4,000 for her unique services, I`m sorry but I wouldn`t pay more than $80 for a live cat. I`ve adopted all my cats and dogs from animal shelters, and I urge every animal lover to do the same.

Before undertaking her strange business, the Sorceress was an embalmer, so the lady knows what she`s doing. The Sorceress`s goal in life is to one day mummify humans, for heaven`s sake don`t let this woman get anywhere near your pet, I don`t care if it`s alive or dead.

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