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Published:September 26th, 2011 10:25 EST

'Undie Run' In Salt Lake City A Smashing Success! There Are Liberals In Utah

By Robert Paul Reyes


Thousands of free spirits stripped down to their drawers and ran through Salt Lake City to protest the ultra-conservative nature of Utah`s politics.

Salt Lake City is the Mecca of the Mormon Church, and whenever a religion has undue influence on a city, state or nation, commonsense flies out the window and repression marches in through the front door.


The Mormon Church is a vehement opponent of same-s(e)x marriage, and all people of faith, and the non-religious, should speak out against their ho(m)ophobia.

With Ricky Perry imploding and Michele Bachmann disappearing, Mitt Romney is the clear frontrunner in the Republican presidential nomination process. If Romney had stripped down to his Mormon underwear, and participated in the Undie Run, he`d still be ahead of all the other presidential wannabes.

I applaud the Undie Run participants for fighting against intolerance in a fun way; I hope the Undie Run will become an annual event.

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