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Published:September 27th, 2011 11:46 EST
Las Vegas and Republican Debate is No Place to Find a Hero

Las Vegas and Republican Debate is No Place to Find a Hero

By Will Roberts

Humorist Will Roberts went looking for a hero in the City of Sin. 

Well, I had quite a week here in Las Vegas. You know things are going well if you can personally top the lights and glamour of this City of Sin, and last week I did. Now, I`ll have you know that everything I did this past week I would proudly leave this town and bring with me. I would leave nothing here in Las Vegas, as the marketing slogan goes. 

This is not the place to find a role model. (I suspect I might be hearing from the Chamber with that sort of statement.) Here in Vegas it`s not real easy to find a hero. You can find an American Idol, ex-beauty queen and most likely your ex-wife or husband, but finding a hero... well those are usually imported from other states and even then it`s hard to find a hero these days.

It seems our country is kind of lacking that great American commodity. I am not sure it`s because we have redefined the meaning of a hero or it`s simply that we can too easily do a Google search and find pictures of our heroes in compromising positions.

I am trying to stay positive with my comments because I think it`s the medicine our country needs right now. See, the other day I was watching the Republican debate and they were taking questions via video from folks around the country, and this question came from a soldier serving in Afghanistan... He started to tell his story and explained that he was gay and that he wanted to know if this candidate would honor the DADT (Don`t Ask Don`t Tell) repeal, and right at the moment he said he was gay, many folks in the audience booed him.

Shock and awe would be putting it lightly if I was to describe my reaction. The last time I checked, soldiers that laid their life on the line for the freedoms we have here in the USA deserve their own freedoms. Plus, there is a good chance that because this soldier was asking a question in this debate it is likely he was a Republican himself. So I ask what is a hero, nowadays? 

Ok, so by now if you been keeping track, you remember earlier I told you what a great week I had. Now you might be thinking "Will, your week doesn`t sound that good so far." 


So... I am losing hope that heroes do not exist anymore, and just like an old western from out of the blue the cowboy comes riding in to save the day... In this case it was cowgirls! 

See, this week I had the pleasure of visitors from the middle of our great United States, Oklahoma to be exact. These two cowgirls came from a part of Oklahoma very near and dear to me, Rogers Country. Now, if you know your history then you know that Oklahoma has a very famous cowboy by the name of Will Rogers. He was a cowboy by trade and man of the people by his heart. He lived in a town in Oklahoma called Claremore. These two young ladies are the strongest link to the history of this great man. One of the young ladies, Linda Bradshaw is a docent at the Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore and knows more about Will than even his own mother did. 

The other, Doris "Coke" Meyer, the grand niece of Will Rogers, and by all means at 90 years young is an amazing force to be reckoned with. She is the most energetic, positive person I have ever known. I have always said that you have two ways you can end up in your older years, cranky, bitter, and alone (because you are bitter and cranky) or loving, fun and surrounded by folks constantly. Too commonly these days with the way things have changed in our world the more negative outcome is what you might see in our elders. Let me just say about Coke Meyer that if she decided to run on either ticket for 2012 it would be a clear sweep. Unfortunately, she is too honest and sincere. 


Now, I don`t want that statement to come off wrong. It simply means we put too much pressure on the folks at the top in the limelight.  In today`s world there`s a lot that glitters that is not gold up there. 

The real heroes are the everyday people in this world. They pay the bills, drive the movements, and make the history. It`s not the rock stars, the politicians, and the movie stars. They spend their lives trying to cater to what we need and then if they don`t, well were looking for the newest thing to replace them with, not bad, just a fact. 

So, these two young ladies came to Las Vegas, I spent the week with them, gave them as much hospitality as I could muster up here in Vegas. They saw my show on the Strip, and they went to a Garth Brooks concert. But mainly it gave me a chance to talk with them and realize that if you want to find a real hero in this day and age then look no further. Call and talk with your Grandparents, they`ve been there and done that, and are here to share it with you. 

So my week was filled with two gals from Oklahoma (my heroes) and where as the memory of some of our greatest heroes may have faded, the making of new heroes will always be right around the corner as long as you make that turn. 

I love you gals! 

Your friend,