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Published:September 28th, 2011 10:14 EST
iPhone 5 - Should We be Excited?

iPhone 5 - Should We be Excited?

By Keith Johnson

According to diverse "inside" bloggers on the web, Apple has given the general public a "hint" that they will be making a corporate announcement on October 4th, and the general buzz on the web is that this announcement will be about the latest and greatest iPhone that is finally going to hit the market - the iPhone 5.

Should we all be excited about this? I guess the answer to these questions comes down to a simple question - how important is an iPhone in your life? My wife currently has an iPhone, I believe it is the iPhone 3, and indeed she loves her iPhone. It has many useful apps and also has an extremely user-friendly interface.

Apple has endeavored over the years to keep on improving the iPhone to stay in the forefront of the mobile cell and mobile devices market. Am I excited about the possibly emerging iPhone 5? Well, let me say this. I am a man of simple economics. If the price is right, I will consider all sorts of goods and services. I believe in private enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit, and indeed Steve Jobs, the founder and visionary of Apple Corporation, even though now not holding the CEO position, is one of history`s greatest entrepreneurs of this modern and digital age. So, sure, I am excited.

At the same time, if Apple is overbearing in charges or fees or contract conditions, then I will not take the plunge. These are tough times, and so my mortgage and weekly grocery bill come before anything else. Personally, I still enjoy sitting at my computer and working with the web, applications, communications, and everything "techie" from my desktop. I`m not centered, at least as of yet, on a mobile device. I know some people are. And that is fine.

So, in the end, yes, get excited about the possibility of the iPhone 5 making its "possible" debut. At the same time, make sure Apple tells you the fine print so that you don`t invest in a product, when it is finally released to the general public and Apple stores, that might involve a recall. Do your research. That is always the best path to take regarding any new product or service.