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Published:September 28th, 2011 14:49 EST

Lady Gets Bent Out Of Shape: Starbucks Coffee Cup Had Profanity Written On It

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York woman said she was shocked to find a derogatory name written on the side of the cup she received from her usual Starbucks.

Vicki Reveron said there had been a mixup with her order of a caramel frappuccino just prior to the incident."



The derogatory name rhymes with witch, and I think the Starbucks clerk hit the nail on the head.The manager of the coffee shop went out of his way to appease the woman, he gave her free vouchers with the understanding that she didn`t name the location of the Starbucks restaurant. But Reveron spurned his attempts to make the situation right, and she told the whole world the location of his business. If that`s not being a "rhymes with witch", I don`t know what is...

I wouldn`t care if my Starbucks coffee cup was riddled with obscenities as long as I didn`t have to get a loan to afford it. The real obscenity is the price of a Starbucks cup of coffee; I can get a better tasting cup of coffee for much less at McDonald`s.

Shame on Reveron for making a mountain out of a molehill, and shame on Starbucks for their obscene prices. Go to McDonald`s where you can get a cup of good coffee at a decent price, and where you won`t run into Reveron.

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