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Published:September 29th, 2011 10:11 EST
Give Credit to Obama Where Credit is Due...Obama

Give Credit to Obama Where Credit is Due...Obama

By Will Roberts

You know, I don`t think folks give our President enough praise when it comes to political strategies. You know, the stuff good politicians are made of. It`s similar to the game chess, politics is: The Democrats and Republicans sit across from each other (the aisle) make one move, then another and because each knows his opponent is skilled at this political game. The most likely outcome is a stalemate, not such a good game for us Americans. 

Like when the President had that lame duck session last year and at the very last minute he flapped his wings and separated from the badelynge (group of fowl) and pulled off a few great accomplishments. Or just when the "birthers" think they have the President over a barrel, he produces a long form birth certificate and a death certificate for Bin Laden.  

Most recently the jobs bill:  Now we all know the President is no Rick Perry. As a matter of fact I can say that President Obama is the farthest thing away from the rootin-tootin style of Bush to the 2nd power (Rick Perry). As a matter of fact Obama is more in the Dalai Lama style. He lets us figure things out on your own, you know, so we learn something from our own mistakes. Anyhow, I think this recent fight with the jobs bill has caused our President to dig deeper into the dark side and maybe think about putting up his guard and a fist or two.  

This new, more aggressive style, Obama is showing, is being touted as the stump speech, an early launch of his 2012 campaign.  

Now I don`t know about you folks but you`d have to have lived on a desert island for most of your life to think that every word out of a politician`s mouth wasn`t going to be political, or heading toward the next elections. Especially the words "Trust me!"  

I can tell you Republicans don`t underestimate this President. FYI: Recently, DADT became official - now, not only did the President just pick up a handful of voters, but he also just picked up a whole lot of NEWLY proud Americans willing to watch his back and they are armed. So even this humorist has to chuckle a little at the Republicans complaining about the fact that they think Obama is just starting his re-elect campaign.  

The fact is, that if you want to know when the Republican`s started their campaign for 2012, it was the day after Obama was elected!  

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