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Published:October 1st, 2011 13:43 EST
Want to Get Married But Not Sure If You Can Do It for The Long Haul?

Want to Get Married But Not Sure If You Can Do It for The Long Haul?

By Donna Cavanagh

Thinking of taking the stroll down the aisle, but not sure if you can do the "til death do us part" thing?  Well, not to worry. You can still have the great dress and lavish affair, but in two years, if you find the marriage thing is not your cup of tea, you can walk away without the need for a divorce or a hitman.  

How is this possible?  Well, it`s not a complicated loophole in the marriage vows. No, you just need to get married in Mexico, and you might want to wait until they actually pass the new law which literally licenses you to be married for two years before heading down there. After the law passes, a couple can wed but the marriage contract comes due in 24 months. After this marriage trial period expires, the two have a chance to re-up their license or call it quits and move on without the pain and bitterness of divorce.  Yes, everyone wins " except the lawyers of course. 

By the way, the Catholic Church is a bit perturbed that this gem of a law is being considered by one of the most pious countries in their fold. So, imagine your life: You found your significant other or so you think. Sure, you agreed to marry each other after six pitchers of margaritas and a bunch of really strong weed, but still the love looks like it`s legit.  You head to the local church to get married, but in the back of your brain is that small ping of an alarm that is quietly screaming, "What are you doing? Run! Why are you getting married? Really, no s(e)x with anyone else forever? What kind of stupid rule is that?"

See, these are called nagging doubts and not usually the thoughts of someone intent on making a lifelong commitment.  But who knows? You could change your mind and decide you love being married. Anyway, the point is you don`t have to be in that state of panic when you get married.

Mexico will draw up a two-year contract, and on that 730th day of wedded bliss if you decide that the person next to you in your bed is not the lifelong love of your dreams but the terrifying subject of your nightmares, you walk away.

Are there problems with this system?   Well, not if you want out. The marriage dissolution is simple-- you don`t pay the renewal fee. However, it`s the renewal that poses the challenge. What happens if one half of the couple wants out and the other half is ready for the lifelong commitment? Or one spouse wants another temporary license and the other a permanent one?  See, I think that might cause some hurt feelings.

This temporary marriage license does seem like a good idea if a couple wants a dry run to see what marriage is like, but then again, isn`t that what shacking up is for?  Call me old-fashioned but I think living in sin is still the best test for wedded bliss.