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Published:October 2nd, 2011 11:14 EST

Outrage: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In San Diego Face Eviction

By Robert Paul Reyes

"San Diego authorities said a North Park neighborhood building owner agreed to evict medical-marijuana dispensaries and massage parlors."


In tough economic times we need more medical-marijuana dispensaries and massage parlors to ease the pain. With the closure of four medical-marijuana dispensaries and a dozen massage parlors the quality of life in San Diego just took a bit hit.


When a hardworking man is having trouble paying his bills, a peck on the cheek from his wife and a bottle of beer isn`t enough to cheer him up. He needs to light up a joint and visit a massage parlor to make him forget his problems for a little while.

The upstanding citizens of San Diego should demand the resignation of the city officials responsible for the closure of the massage parlors and marijuana stores.

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