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Published:October 3rd, 2011 22:15 EST
Breaking News: Baby Boom in Kenya

Breaking News: Baby Boom in Kenya

By Sophie Akinyi

Kids are endearing little angels that make the world a happy place. It has to do with their innocence, sincerity, ability to forgive and/or even the childish stuff that they do at times. When people see these bundles of joy it is quite common to hear remarks such as: aaw! That baby is cute!` and `I wish he/she were mine.` Well, women in Kenya are now more than ever giving birth. Initially; ladies would wait until they are married before bearing kids. Now, it does not really matter whether one is married or not.

The most common ones are college going ladies in their final year and those who have just cleared college. The trend can be keenly observed even on social sites such as Facebook. Many young ladies have their babies pics posted as their profile pictures; something that got me into thinking why the rush for kids? I sampled some of the responses these young ladies gave and they were as follows: `Cool` factor: This is the manner in which people are perceived as modern and stylish. Some ladies get kids because they feel it`s modern.

In some instances where ladies of the same age group hang out and one don`t have a kid yet, people ask her where her `copy` is. This might to some extent might make them bow to the pressure and also get a kid(s). Society`s stand concerning barrenness: the way the society perceives women who are unable to conceive is also a contributing factor. In most instances, people are treated differently.

Some men may also want to get their women pregnant before marrying them so as to be sure that they are fertile. If a lady fails to get pregnant then this guy leaves her and moves to the next woman. Career wise: In a world where things are changing, Kenyan women who are liberal find it fit to bear kids immediately after college/university so that once the kid is old enough; they can look for jobs with ease while furthering their studies. Peer Pressure: This is closely related to the `cool` factor. The only difference is, the individual doesn`t work with her own thinking, there is some group pressure behind her conceiving.

Double standards of living: This is the most common and serious one. Some students get hooked on rich fellows who promise to make their lives better only to ask for something in return. They will play sweet throughout the journey, but just before these ladies clear college, they will unleash a set of rules which are topped by bearing for them children. These guys will threaten to withdraw whatever luxuries they used to give these ladies which force them to comply. Picture this, this is a student whose parent has struggled to keep in school, but since she wants `better` life, she goes out to look for other things. It could be as a result of poverty but many a times, it the practice has become a norm in several inst(i)tutions of higher learning. Ineffective birth control pills: getting intimate is the order of the day in most inst(i)tutions of higher learning.

It can be picked from conversations in social sites, inside the bus, music among other non-formal gatherings. For some women though, getting pregnant might happen at wrong timings due to ineffective birth control pills. Some self confessed moms have openly declared that they got pregnant without their wish.

Something that leaves them in an awkward position especially if her partner knew she was on the pill as the baby just comes unexpected. This has in most cases broken relationships with guys feeling that their partner`s cheated. What does not seem to bother this though, is the fact that their parents are helping them raise these kids hence they are left with a lighter load to carry.