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Published:October 3rd, 2011 13:04 EST

Most Wonderful Phrase In The World: Bikini Parade

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A successful Guinness World Record attempt for the longest bikini parade is priceless advertising for Gold Coast, Australia, city officials say.

Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter said the parade with 357 bikini-clad women Saturday is the kind of promotion the area`s struggling business and tourism sectors need, the Gold Coast Bulletin in Molendinar, Queensland, reported."



Just thinking about a parade practically lulls me to sleep; there`s nothing more boring than watching marching bands and freakin` floats. I`d rather spend an hour in a hot tub full of Jello and Oreo cookies with Rosie O`Donnell, than spend 10 minutes watching a parade.

But join the word "parade" with "bikini" and it becomes the most magical phrase in the world. Attending a bikini parade is the only item on my bucket list.

Any mayor who fails to organize a bikini parade for the edification and enjoyment of his constituents should be recalled from office.

Just saying the phrase "bikini parade" fills me with love and compassion for my fellow human beings. It might be difficult convincing women to wear a bikini as the days grow colder, but they can suck it up for the good of the community.

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