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Published:October 3rd, 2011 13:46 EST
This is NO 'Ordinary Man'

This is NO 'Ordinary Man'

By Tom Ski
Another Beer and a Shot

Last week, I brought the magnificent news that Darren Hincks - an entertainer, singer, and fantastic performer - has completed his new album, Come To Me.  I`m not sure, however - with all my praise and accolades - if you truly understand what a humongous breath of fresh air Darren Hincks and this stellar album actually are.     

For the past two weeks, I have been listening to every track of Come To Me, and finding that each and every song is a true "gem.`  I will lose myself completely in one significant ballad, and then, in the next instant, be dancing across the living room floor to the fun "vibe` and polish of pure entertainment.  The songs of Darren Hincks bring back memories by celebrating family and life, as well as instilling hope, joy, and faith - depending on the mood you happen to be in.     

Formulating ideas and creative concepts is an actual job, even though some find it a hobby. "  But, without creativity and imagination the world would be absent the best bands of all time, as well as singers who have actually changed our culture by bringing us together as one giant "voice.`  Whether or not that "voice` was used to protest the bad or stand up for the good, it didn`t matter.  That was the music that brought all of us together as one, and sometimes had the power to change the course of what we, as a people, and a country believed.   

That hasn`t happened in a good, long time.  In fact, people can see in the news the way we have become separated and scattered.  Trust, integrity, honesty, the love of family, humor - all of these areas seem to have disappeared overnight, or been neglected, and the bad news has taken over.   

Then, there comes along Darren Hincks with his creativity and extreme talent behind a microphone and on stage, and the good news seems to begin once more.  Darren Hincks is not what you would ever refer to as a "flash-in-the-pan.`  This is not a singer who will be part of a conversation one day where a radio comes on and someone says " Who was that guy, again?     

No.  Darren Hincks is not only bringing to this world another fantastic album that will appeal to every mood a listener could possibly have, but he is also bringing a wealth of integrity, and a voice that is unmistakably needed.  I will not give away Come To Me.  This is a treasure trove of "those songs` that each listener must experience for themselves.  The tracks are a combination of lyrics and music that will make portions of this nation all want to grab their cell phones in order to change their ring tones to Darren Hincks.  Not to mention, telling all their friends on Facebook that they are lucky enough to be going to the next Darren Hincks concert.     

Don`t believe me?  This is the classic singer, with all the right ideas, who can fit completely and easily into this technologically rampant world.  He will become a part of the pop culture, as well as part of the reason why we are who we are, and have the dreams and hopes that we all share.  With Darren Hincks, we are getting our "voice` back.   

I am, however, going to explain my point without giving too much away.  There is a song called Ordinary Man on the amazing CD, Come To Me, and this is one track that speaks volumes to absolutely everyone on the face of the planet.  These are lyrics that talk about who we all are inside, and what we want and strive every day to become.  This song talks about how someone once again is trying to find another way to win, another way to try.  This song is so heartfelt that it almost resurrects the faith we used to have in ourselves.  Yes, there are broken paths, broken dreams, divorces, wars, etc., along the way of life - but we don`t sit down.  We appear yet again, and find another way to make what we wanted to happen, happen.  The "refuse to say die` attitude is what Ordinary Man reminded me of.  I could see that shadow of a person who once was, and is going to try to be again.  He has the faith and the power to overcome any bitterness or anger, and with another chance - another day where he will stand up and try - this Ordinary Man will succeed.   

This is that ballad.  This is that song that brings tears to people "s eyes.  Not tears of sadness or pain - but the tears that come from knowing we are not done.  Until that last day occurs, we will not sit down and just let life pass us by.  And life is exactly what Darren Hincks gives to us with Come To Me.  After spending time with the Ordinary Man, the listener can then have Another Beer and a Shot.  With this track, the tears are gone and that same listener is humming, dancing, and living life.  This is that song where you can actually see in your mind`s eye a man sitting at a bar thinking about what has gone wrong, and waiting for that lady to pat him on the head and say, Poor, Poor baby. "   

That is the type of singer I am speaking about.  There is no ONE thing that Darren Hincks has to say "there are many.  And his fans are about to get the thrill of their lives when Come To Me, comes to them.  In fact, I`ve also been told that Another Beer and a Shot is wrapping up a video, so even more Daren Hincks will be available to brighten everybody`s day!   

Everyone will be entertained!  And there will be tracks that bring everyone back to the memories of grandma and grandpa, mother and father, love, family, and growing old.  Tracks that celebrate the looking back on one`s life to see the magnificent world they were a part of during their glorious time on Earth.  The CD is coming, the performances are being planned, the grand venues are a step away, the videos are going to be plastered all over the place, and the world will once again be given a performer who will allow them to rediscover their voice.  This world needs a singer who can rally the troops " and make us all believe in the good, fun, beautiful things that life still has to offer.   

And that singer is the extraordinary man, Darren Hincks!   

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