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Published:October 3rd, 2011 13:53 EST
Two New Poems, From Different Sides of Life

Two New Poems, From Different Sides of Life

By Ed Roberts

I have 3 grandchildren

Noah whose poem appeared in my 2nd book "I`m Still Standing"

Caina whose poem was in the 3rd "Everything Must Have a Beginning, a Middle, and an End"

(The complete title also had "Now I lay Me Down to Sleep")

I made it a point that from that time on my book titles would have to be shorter


Ten months ago my youngest grandson Gideon was born

It took awhile but finally he now has his poem

I am glad I was able to write it when I did because my son and his family are leaving to move to New York, a long way away from our home here in Oklahoma

I do not know when or if I am going to release another book but if I do these next two poems will be in it


Gideon`s World


In Gideon`s world

There is magic

Every day is filled with wonder

New faces

New places

Miracles there to simply reach out

And touch


In Gideon`s world

There is laughter

And yes

There are tears

So many moments filled

With discovery



And contentment


In Gideon`s world

There is love


And concern

Above all

Protection and safety

For there is so much

Left for him to learn

And so many that surround him

That care


I sit here tonight

Myself filled with wonder

Because just for this single moment

I posses all of these things

All the magic

The laughter

And the love

That fills Gideon`s world

And I thank God above

That I have been truly blessed

To even be a small part

Of this wonderful

Gideon`s world


Ed Roberts



To my youngest grandson

May your world always be filled with magic

Hope, and love



The second poem honestly is a view of my life

I have over 504 allergies, something I had to learn to grow up with

One of the doctors that worked at the clinic I was tested at said the one that worried him most was Earth; I simply needed to go back to where I came from :)

I have nearly died 8 or 9 times now, really have lost count

I feel I have been left here for a reason, a purpose that I try and fulfill every day that I am given


On the way home


This place where we live

Is not my home


The grass

The trees

So many things that surround me

My body treats as poison


I never seem to fit here

Never blend amongst a crowd

Never fall into a single group

Or match what is considered the norm


You ask me about my home

From where it is that I came


My home is a simple place

It is enclosed entirely in the center

Of a single grain of sand

That lays at the edge of the ocean


My world is a far away place

That rests thousands and thousands of miles

Past the most distant known star


My world is a vast place

That reaches from one of these points

To the other

And is connected by each and every thing

That lies in between


I hope that you understand

I am thankful

For every day

Every moment

That I am allowed to stay in the world

The world that is shared by so many


I feel there is so much for me to do here

So much that I have been given

So much that I must find a way to share with others


I hope that you can also understand though

This place

This wonderful planet upon which we live

Is not my home

And in the end

When my job here is finished

I will finally be allowed to leave

And go back to where I came from

To go back



I also hope you understand

That there I will be waiting

Hoping and praying

That you will call this wonderful place

Your home as well


Ed Roberts