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Published:October 4th, 2011 15:25 EST

Governor Chris Christie Not Running For President

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Saying `now is not my time,` Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey announced on Tuesday that he would not seek the Republican nomination for the presidency."

The New York Times

Christie`s decision dashed the hopes of Republican true believers who were desperately searching for an alternative to the moderate Mitt Romney.


For a few moments Rick Perry stood tall in the saddle, looking for all the world like a John Wayne who would ride roughshod over the competition. After a series of dreadful debate performances Perry looks like a dandy riding side-saddle, and with crap all over his fancy cowboy boots.

The right-wing fanatics better get used to the idea of Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee. There is no conservative Savior waiting in the wings, and even if there was it`s too freakin` late to join the presidential fray.

Sarah Palin should follow Christie`s example, stop leading on her deluded flock, and announce what everyone with at least two brain cells already knows, that she`s not running for president.

It`s going to be Romney versus Obama.

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