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Published:October 4th, 2011 14:53 EST

Teen Makes Good Living Impersonating Justin Bieber

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 17-year-old Ohio boy says he has been raking in $300 to $600 per hour at his part-time job -- impersonating Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

Anthony de la Torre of Bowling Green, who said his first acting job was a voice role on `Dora the Explorer,` said he signed on with two agencies seeking Bieber impersonators after he was frequently mistaken for the teenage singer while on a Caribbean cruise with his family during the past summer."



Anthony may be popular with the girls in his high school, but I bet all the guys think he`s a dork. Doing a voice role on "Dora the Explorer" and impersonating Justin Beiber isn`t going to make Anthony the Big Man on Campus.

Anthony may be paid $300 to $600 per hour impersonating Bieber, but I bet when he meets a hot girl at a dance he pretends to be Bieber for free.

When I was young I had a striking resemblance to Barry Williams of the Brady Bunch; I was such an innocent back then that I never considered impersonating him.

Anthony may make more money than I do impersonating a celebrity dweeb, but I won`t hate on him. Work it dude!

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