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Published:October 7th, 2011 22:23 EST
DeezHeeya Clothing: Creating Cultural Awareness While Raising Money for Charities

DeezHeeya Clothing: Creating Cultural Awareness While Raising Money for Charities

By Mimi Amaral

Corey Spriggs, founder of DeezHeeya Clothing, was inspired to create his clothing line from his vast travel experiences and the cultures he embraced throughout the world.  The concept rose in 2006, and at that moment Corey knew he needed to purchase the domain name for a website.  The venture took some time to develop, but with hard work and perseverance he has developed the line, created cultural awareness, and is currently selling his clothing while raising money for various charities.

Corey has previously served in the Army for nine years, played football for Venice Islanders in Italy, and for the Stuttgart Scorpions in Germany.  He has also modeled for various companies and appeared in films such as Eddie starring Whoopie Goldberg, Deadly Affair, and Sophia and the Moon Hanger.  However, Corey`s biggest passion comes from his humanitarian efforts, and belief that being positive and giving proper respect to others is a vital part of life.  DeezHeeya clothing line is a direct expression of the beliefs Corey and his team holds, "We live in a world with so much to offer and the only way to be culturally competent is to be open to other cultures and ideas."

DeezHeeya is about expression and making bold statements. Corey established a partnership with a design team who made it possible to integrate many aspects of different cultures into his clothing line.  During the interview Corey expressed great respect and appreciation for his team, "We are truly a great team." He also expressed that DeezHeeya clothing line has been created with the public in mind and will fit into all lifestyles from the local mom and pop store to department chains and charity organizations.  DeezHeeya has also grabbed the attention of actor Johnathon Schaech, who supports the message and cultural awareness aspects the line is encompassing.

During the design and production phase Corey and his partners decided to donate 10 percent of all sales to a charity of the buyer`s choice.  "The decision to donate transpired for two reasons, First, we are tired of companies that just take and never give back. Second, many people wish they had the money to help those in need,  we want them to know in a small way we can make that wish come true."  The charities affiliated with DeezHeeya clothing line are: American Cancer Society, American Diabetes, Autism Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, Elizabeth Healy Foundation, Joe Gibbs` Youth for Tomorrow, the Multiple Sclerosis National Coalition for the Homeless, Pit Bull Rescue Central, St. Jude Children`s Research Hospital, Stand up for Kids, The Cloud foundation, Wounded Warrior Project and the National Kidney Foundation. 

To join Corey Spriggs efforts in raising cultural awareness and funds for charity visit the DeezHeeya website at: and add the facebook page: