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Published:October 7th, 2011 12:05 EST
Is Arthritis in Dogs Linked to Pet Stores?

Is Arthritis in Dogs Linked to Pet Stores?

By SOP newswire2

Is there a connection between Folsom pet stores, puppy mills and younger dogs with joint degeneration? Juvenile arthritis happens in humans, but Flexcin wanted to know if there was a link with the growing number of dogs, ages 4-7, that are given the FlexPet supplement for degenerative joints. FlexPet experts interviewed a sampling of 565 dog owners over a five-month period earlier this year and found that nearly half of the dogs originated from a pet store.

FlexPet experts and pet advisors believe dog arthritis typically doesn`t begin to show itself until age seven in an average dog. And while the bulk of pet owners seeking FlexPet have dogs in their senior years, a growing number of Folsom dogs between the ages of four and seven now are taking the FlexPet supplement. "There are some similarities between the dog and human bodies, and joint degeneration is certainly one of them," said Tamer Elsafy, CEO and founder of Flexcin International, maker of the FlexPet supplement.

From March through July 2011, Flexcin advisors interviewed approximately 565 dog owners whose dogs are between the ages of 4-7 and taking FlexPet for joint discomfort. The purpose was to ask a series of questions that would possibly uncover a better understanding of why dogs of that age would be in need of a joint supplement. Flexcin found that 43.3 percent said their dog originated from a pet store rather than a litter (13.2%) or animal shelter (19.8%).

While there were several other questions asked during the interview (full report can be viewed here), the origination data was arguably the most eye-opening. It`s been widely documented that puppies that come from puppy mills and many pet stores face a series of unhealthy circumstances. Debi Day of the No Kill Nation believes pet stores and puppy mills play a significant role in the lack of health later on in a dog`s life. "Puppies and dogs that come from pet stores are most often raised in cramped, small cages, and they mostly receive no exercise because of a severe lack of space and the breeders don`t care about their welfare,"  said Day in the FlexPet blog. Muscle atrophy sets in, and their back and hips never get fully developed, not to mention mental problems that can occur due to  cage rage.`

Participants also revealed that the majority of dogs began showing their first signs of joint pain at age five (51.7%). While most of the dogs reportedly still receive a few hours of exercise each week, almost 10 percent get less than one hour, possibly contributing to the joint degeneration.

About Flexcin International, Inc.

Flexcin International, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of leading natural supplements that promote optimal joint health. Along with its FlexPet line of pet joint supplements, Flexcin products are the only degenerative joint relief supplements with the CM8 ingredient to stimulate joint fluid lubrication, strengthen cartilage and increase overall mobility. For more information visit, or call (800) 505-0575.