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Published:October 7th, 2011 15:45 EST
Judyth Piazza and Sherry Gaba Discuss The Michael Jackson Trial

Judyth Piazza and Sherry Gaba Discuss The Michael Jackson Trial

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

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Michael Jackson`s wrongful death trial, most specifically the opening statements, really brought home an important factor for everyone to consider when discussing celebrity addictions. The prosecutor played a heartbreaking recording of the King of Pop relaying a badly slurred and almost unintelligible message about how important this tour was to him and how he wanted his fans to feel when seeing the show. The image of his body also was a shock for the individuals on the jury, in the courtroom and watching on television who didn`t know how frail and unhealthy he actually was.

While the medical professional in charge of his health, Dr. Conrad Murray, is the one on trial, how many of the other members of Michael Jackson`s inner circle were aware of the addiction problems that there plaguing the life of this superstar? How many other Doctors prescribed him prescription medications throughout the years knowing full well he had a history of addiction? It is well documented, even by Michael Jackson himself, he had an addiction to prescription pain pills. Did others know of Michael`s failing health and psychological changes? There is a haunting reality that most likely many others in Michael Jackson`s camp definitely knew something was wrong but they chose not to speak out.

There is no doubt that the attending doctor had the greatest responsibility to ensure that the medications, in this case a lethal combination of sedatives and the highly addictive anesthetic propofol, were administered to his patient ethically and following correct medical protocols. It also goes without saying that someone should have definitely known to keep the lethal vials of pills away from where the star.

However, even more than this practical issue, there is still a moral responsibility of those most trusted in the inner circle of a celebrity to stand up and call attention to addictions, particularly when they are this obvious. Yet, despite the number of people that interacted with Michael Jackson on a daily basis, no one did in a way that was effective. Was this because they were afraid of losing their bit of fame, their position of trust in the inner circle, or was it simply a matter of denial? Or, perhaps more importantly, was it a matter of money over life?

This case is an opportunity for all of us to understand the degree "denial" plays in not only the addict`s psyche but those who are close to the addict. Addiction is the only disease that says you do not have a disease. Although, I agree Michael Jackson is the victim here, and Dr. Conrad Murray is the one on trial, this case is the perfect opportunity to reveal how dangerous "denial" can be.

By Sherry Gaba, LCSW

Life Coach and Published Author

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