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Published:October 7th, 2011 13:52 EST
Occupy Wall Street -Occupy Las Vegas with Will Roberts

Occupy Wall Street -Occupy Las Vegas with Will Roberts

By Will Roberts


Will Roberts reports from Las Vegas and their version of Occupy Wall Street -Occupy Las Vegas!


What happened in Las Vegas last night did not stay in Vegas.  Occupy Las Vegas hit the Las Vegas strip last night with hundreds of young, old, union and non union US citizens.  Every day until after 2012 elections Las Vegans stand to be counted... And maybe just this one time what happened in Vegas won`t just stay in Vegas.




I`m Will Robert - in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Will Roberts Says...

Now if you read my column and even if you don`t, I came up with a plan back about two months ago.


I called the Bank of a Mattress plan. It`s a simple enough plan and does not take a lot of thought or money. It`s an old concept with a possible new spin. Here it is: you take some of your cash out of the bank, if you have any left. Bring it all home and start stuffing your mattress. Try not to use your kid`s mattress, for obvious reasons.


Anyhow, the added bonus in my plan is that you can use monopoly money or any type of play money, why not; it`s probably worth more than the American Dollar. But whatever you do, DON`T print any out from your printer. That`s counterfeiting and it is what the Federal Government does.


The biggest headlines in the past two weeks is this walk on Wall Street. It`s called Occupy Wall Street and its everyday citizens rallying and protesting greed on Wall Street and our government.


Just last week, 700 of them were arrested and given a citation... Now there`s a way to increase your cities revenue... Make folks mad enough to take to the streets. Then meet um there and arrest and make um pay fines. Get enough of these protesting around the US and the national debt will be paid off in no time. All is fair in love and war and profit!


It seems that big businesses (banks) change the game whenever the country has a problem with money, mainly when it runs out of it.


You know, if we the people run out of money to pay the bills they would throw us out, repossess everything, smash our credit and charge us higher fees.


If they run out of money, they just slap more fees on their product to pay for their mistakes, anything they can do make their money back and then some.


Is kind of like going to a casino and having a never ending supply of money to gamble with. High rollers get this type of treatment all the time, because they turn more money through the casino, our money! Money brings privileges, and poorness brings... Nothing.


If we did the same thing we would be thrown out on our ears.


Your friend,