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Published:October 8th, 2011 22:16 EST
Global Warming Responsible for Some Major Effects to Life and Our Planet

Global Warming Responsible for Some Major Effects to Life and Our Planet

By Ron G Anselm

We haven`t heard a great deal lately about global warming as we once a year or so ago but global warming is still making headway as each day ticks by and we see some off the wall climatic and science occurrences that is way out of the ordinary.   

According to an article published in the Journal Natures and according to research done by a panel of scientists during the Intergovernmental Climate Changes (IPCC) report of 2007 discovered that global warming has been responsible for many of the physical and biological system changes that also has had an effect on the human-induced climate change. According to Francis Zwiers of Environment Canada and Gabriele Hegerl of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland stated that these changes were as a result of the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases due to global warming around the globe.

Some 29,500 reports were documented of various and widespread changes to earth`s natural systems. Some of the documented changes included physical changes such as the melting of Patagonia`s ice of the Artic Permafrost, or the break-up of the Mongolian river ice which resulted in mass coastal erosion.

We have seen other weather related phenomenon such has the tornadoes that crushed a lot of the state of Alabama back in April of this year. Those tornadoes may and may not have been blamed on global warming but I can first hand say that those tornadoes that ripped through Birmingham and Tuscaloosa were not of normal strength and power because I witnessed every tornado that day that spawned like a spinning top and blew through the state like a Nolan Ryan fastball. The damaged to many homes, business(s) and two major hotels in Fultondale, Alabama are the evidence that the tornadoes that hit that day were due to other related effects other than your normal spring thunderstorms with occasional tornadoes that we normally get here in Alabama during that time of year. Since we are located in the Gulf of Mexico region, we get a lot of the weather effects from that region and I know global warming has had an impact on weather from the Gulf.

There have been other weather related problems that has been blamed on global warming and those have been categorized as the physical changes or physical effects of global warming. Some other changes such as the behavioral effects and changes of global warming have been the early arrival of birds that migrate to Australia, other behavioral effects have been the changes in populations to many animals and birds and the decline of the Antarctic Krill stocks and the over behavioral productivity of one of the lakes in that region known as Lake Tanganyika.

 I even remember hearing on the news when global warming in the media was at its all-time high of being reported that a truck driver saw a herd of Armadillos somewhere up north while he was 10-4`ing down the highway. Now, since when do Armadillos migrate in the northern region of the United States?  Either those Armadillos were snorting crack and became lost or there were other factors involved. Armadillos normally are in the state of Texas and Southern region of this country which is a long way from the Northern United States.

There have been other changes such as genetic changes to certain plants and insects that are also being blamed on the domino effect of global warming. Global warming is the slow but steady rise in regional temperatures around the globe. The reason for this is due to a lot of the manmade damages to the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere that protects and filters out the heated rays from the sun. We have destroyed a great deal of the ozone layers from pollution over the years and now greenhouse gasses among other physical factors.

Since 1970 the earth`s temperatures have steadily been rising like a balloon halfway filled with helium. The rising temperatures around the world have been relatively been small each year but this goes to show you that if the rise in global temperatures have been small and not of large proportions; if it has had this much effect on our climate and the biological, physical and genetic effects it has caused in our ecosystems and to life in general let`s hope that there is not a sudden major increase in temperatures form global warming because that would be like sitting on a stick of dynamite and trying to shield the blast with your behind, the effects would be devastating.

We really need to continue to bring to everyone`s attention the very bad effects that global warming has on our planet and to keep lobbying to major businesses to put procedures in place to keep their pollution form plants and factories under control and to keep the astringents testing of automobile exhaust moving forward and improving and to back up the many new policies and laws now set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Let`s face it, the damage is done we need to know slow down the global warming progress by taking part in preventing further damage as much as we can.