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Published:October 11th, 2014 19:36 EST
Happy Columbus Day From Judyth Piazza and TheSOP

Happy Columbus Day From Judyth Piazza and TheSOP

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Many countries in the New World and elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus`s arrival in the Americas, which occurred on October 12, 1492, as an official holiday.

The event is celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States, as Día de la Raza in many countries in Latin America, as Discovery Day in the Bahamas, as Día de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain and as Día de las Américas (Day of the Americas) in Uruguay.

These holidays have been celebrated unofficially since the late 18th century, and officially in various areas since the early 20th century.

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Long ago most people thought
The world was flat.....we know it`s not.
Columbus said, "The world is round!"
That`s how America was found.


Listen to interview below:

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