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Published:October 9th, 2011 15:31 EST

OMG! Steve Jobs Nerdy Turtlenecks Selling Like Hotcakes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Minnesota-made black turtlenecks once donned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs are now in high demand, a Minnesota retailer says.

"This week, we immediately saw an uptick of interest in our Internet e-commerce site, and this interest has continued and built immensely since his passing," Bruce Amster, director of sales for St. Croix Shops, said Friday."



Fashionistas looks to rock stars, pop divas and sultry starlets for guidance and inspiration in how to dress. That`s why we see so many young women who look like they just pulled an eight-hour shift at a brothel.

If people turned to computer geeks like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates for sartorial tips, for god`s sake everybody would look like extras in Revenge of the Nerds 3D.

In homage to Steve Jobs some misguided souls are buying Knitcraft turtlenecks that sell for $175 a pop. Apple products may be the epitome of style and elegance, but turtlenecks reek of nerdiness.

I may download a song from iTunes in tribute to Steve Jobs, but you couldn`t pay me enough to don a turtleneck.

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