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Published:October 10th, 2011 15:04 EST
Failure of the Obama Administration`s Foreign Policy: Speaking the Truth about Israel and the Middle East

Failure of the Obama Administration`s Foreign Policy: Speaking the Truth about Israel and the Middle East

By SOP newswire2

In the increasingly dangerous international security climate that is underscored by Iran`s ongoing quest to develop a deliverable nuclear weapon, we must seek moral clarity and speak the truth about the foreign policy that is presently being carried out towards Israel by the Obama Administration. 

In spite of all the speech-making and rhetoric to the contrary, the Obama Administration has effectively changed our policy towards Israel from one of strategic ally to one of neutrality, placing our relations with Israel on a par with every other nation in the Middle East, including those rogue regimes that actively sponsor terrorism.
From the onset of his administration, President Obama demanded that Israel make a series of unacceptable concessions as a precondition for future peace negotiations, including his naïve demand that Israel withdraw behind its indefensible 1967 borders. 

It is very misguided for the President of the United States to continue to demand Israel make these unpalatable concessions a precondition for peace " negotiations without a credible partner for peace- most conspicuously, the Palestinian Authority- in the struggle to bring current tensions in the Middle East to a workable resolution.
Had President Obama displayed leadership and fidelity towards Israel rather than moral equivalence, it`s likely that the Palestinian Authority would not be pursuing full United Nations membership at this time, an achievement that its leadership views as the next step towards statehood as well as the continuation of its war against Israel. 

No longer can anyone deny that the Obama Administration is in fact papering over the critical problems and tensions that are presently unfolding in the Middle East while it needlessly humiliates Israel time and again regarding matters that properly fall under Israel`s national sovereignty.
Most regrettably, it is becoming painfully clearer every day that the long heralded peace process " is in actuality a preparation for war against Israel by its mortal enemies.  As a result of the President`s extremely naive foreign policy, our nation`s strategic position in the Middle East as well as that of Israel`s is much worse off, and there is no sign that either the Obama Administration or its ardent supporters such as Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have any intentions of changing course.
Our ties to Israel are strong and undeniable- our shared values, our bi-lateral strategic cooperation, our economic connections, and our common religious heritage- these are all critically important to our unique relationship.  But it is incumbent upon the Obama Administration to show unambiguous diplomatic support for Israel at this critical time not simply because Israel is a longstanding ally of the United States, but because it is Israel who is genuinely pursuing a lasting peace in the region.

Time and time again, the Palestinian Authority and its supporters within the Arab League have rebuffed Israel`s open hand and have continued on with their terror attacks against Israel that are designed to terrorize and break the will of its people- this fact is continually downplayed by the Obama Administration.
The time is now for all true friends of Israel to make an unequivocal stand for Israel`s sovereignty and its right to defend itself as it deems necessary.  While we applaud President Obama`s decision to reject the Palestinian Authority`s recent bid for United Nations membership, we call on him to end the two-faced diplomatic posture he has assumed towards Israel that has wasted precious time and emboldened Israel`s mortal enemies. 

By Karen Harrington

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