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Published:October 10th, 2011 18:14 EST

The Tiger Woods Hot Dog Incident: How Much Humiliation Can Tiger Endure?

By Robert Paul Reyes

A spectator yelled "Tiger", then ran towards the disgraced golfer and hurled a hot dog at him as he stood over a putt at the Frys.Com Open.

The wiener didn`t get anywhere near the slumping golfer, and the fan quickly surrendered to security. Hurling a frankfurter at a mediocre golfer is only a misdemeanor, and the spectator didn`t have to spend a minute in jail.


Tiger didn`t seem to be bothered by the incident; I guess when your personal life is a circus of golddiggers  and adult movie stars, nothing surprises you.

I don`t know what`s more surprising, that the former best golfer in the world was playing in a 3rd rate golf tournament, or that a fan hurled a meaty missile at him.

How the mighty have fallen, Tiger is reduced to playing a Fall Series golf tournament, and the hazards on a golf course include bunkers and flying hot dogs.

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