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Published:October 10th, 2011 16:11 EST

Top Halloween Costume Ideas: Lady Gaga And Amy Winehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga is a top Halloween costume idea for the 2011 ghoulie fest. But this year, Gaga has company. Retailers are selling Amy Winehouse wigs and costumes this Halloween from anywhere between $11 and $79 at and Bing."



Amy Winehouse is the perfect Halloween costume idea for 2011, she`s dead and on Halloween the dead haunt the living.

Forget about buying an expensive Amy Winehouse costume at a Halloween shop, you can make your own. It won`t cost you a dime to paint your teeth black, don ratty ballet shoes, mug a crackhead and steal her clothes, and put a mop on your head.

Everybody treats the dead with respect, if you go trick-or-treating dressed as the dead pop icon you will get tons of treats. If you attend a Halloween party dressed as the deceased soul singer, all the guys (the drunk and stoned ones) will be on you like white on rice.

If you want to attract the freaks because that`s the way you roll, then for heaven`s sake dress like Lady Gaga for Halloween. You`re never too old to party, have fun this Halloween and let your freak flag fly high.

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