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Published:October 11th, 2011 19:48 EST
New Stock Pick Poised To Crush RAYS, AERN, STEV, SATM and LSTG About To Be Announced

New Stock Pick Poised To Crush RAYS, AERN, STEV, SATM and LSTG About To Be Announced

By Seth Davis

Penny stock traders are anxiously awaiting for the next official stock pick from the Penny Stock Videos newsletter, which has apparently discovered a new stock that they believe could be set to rise higher than Raystream (RAYS), AER Energy Resources (AERN), Stevia Corp (STEV), Samtax Corp (SATM) and Lone Star Gold (LSTG). The newsletter is currently completing its due-diligence process on the stock and will alert the pick to all free newsletter subscribers in due time. Meanwhile, research videos are being created for the stocks mentioned above by the newsletters team of professional experts.

Of all penny stocks in play right now, RAYS is by far the most popular. A multi-million dollar awareness campaign is currently taking place from the same firm that previously promoted the infamous LEXG, which saw a run from under $1 to over $10. The promotion was announced on Monday at 3pm, and subsequently traders saw the price of RAYS rise from $1.10 to a high of $1.60 on Tuesday, as many believed that RAYS would have a similar run to LEXG. As stocks of this nature do have a history of rising slowly and then crashing spectacularly in a matter of minutes, traders buying or shorting RAYS are urged to exercise extreme caution. There is absolutely no guarantee that RAYS will continue to uptrend, or that it will reach anywhere near the level of success as LEXG.

A stock that was negatively influenced by the recent RAYS promotion is AERN, which had been extremely bullish on Monday until a little after 3pm, when the RAYS promotion was announced - we then saw the price of AERN drop around 30%. A reasonable assumption would be that traders long on AERN chose to sell their position in order to buy RAYS. On Tuesday, AERN suffered further damage, dropping by another 25%. The newsletters behind the AERN promotion (and there are several) are reporting that shorts and profit takers have caused the drop. However, there is no doubt that external forces played a part.

 Like AERN, STEV also saw a drop on Tuesday followed by a subsequent rebound. STEV is an interesting new stock that only recently started trading on Thursday last week, and could potentially be set for some solid gains as it appears on more traders radars. At this stage, however, little is known about the company or what their plans are. The fourth most interesting stock in play right now as identified by the Penny Stock Videos newsletter is LSTG, which was promoted by a hard mailer and several stock picking newsletters. The mailer claims that Goldcorp could very well buy out LSTG for $179/share, which a Goldcorp spokesperson has denied, and it does indeed seem to be a wild claim. However, as history has shown, nothing in penny stock land is impossible.