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Published:October 11th, 2011 10:54 EST

Outrage! Performance Artist Marni Kotak To Give Birth On Stage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An American performance artist (Marni Kotak) will give birth to her first child this month in front of an audience at a New York gallery to create her latest `work`.

She added that her project - titled The Birth of Baby X - would continue throughout the child`s life until it becomes independent and goes to university"



If a performance artist defecates on stage, the artsy fartsy crowd will laud him as a visionary who will lead the world to a new level of enlightenment. They may hold their noses, but they won`t hold their tongues as they sing praises to the incontinent performer.

Marni Kotak may be breaking water, but she isn`t breaking new ground. I was born and raised in San Francisco, and I have seen many performance artists ply their dubious trade in the City by the Bay. Any drunk street bum can vomit, label it "performance art" and pass his hat around.

Marni`s exploitation of the birth of her baby may finally earn her a Wikipedia entry, but she will always be a nutjob in my book. The wacky performance artist plans to continue to exploit her child until he/she enrolls in college. With such a demented mother, the child has a better chance of ending up in an insane asylum.

If a dear friend asked me to witness the birth of her child, I might say yes, but you couldn`t pay me a million bucks to witness Marni give birth.

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