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Published:October 13th, 2011 23:00 EST
President Obama is Not Responsible for Creating Jobs, He Is Too Busy Trying to Keep His Own Job!

President Obama is Not Responsible for Creating Jobs, He Is Too Busy Trying to Keep His Own Job!

By Will Roberts

I don`t know if I think it`s fair to blame jobs on the President or Washington. Let`s look at it this way: If the Republicans were in office the Democrats would stop the progress. The Democrats are in and the Republicans are stopping the progress; it`s just politics, especially during campaign season.

This is nothing new with politics. If politics really worked and was honest, my mother would run... But she works too hard and is too honest for that post.

Besides, it`s not really the job of the President to create jobs; he is too busy trying to hold on to his own job. The true job creators should be businesses. These are the people, at the end of the day that will be paying your bills, feeding your families and creating communities. Statistically it is shown that folks spend more time at work than anywhere else in their lives. These days that`s all been trumped by the newest statistic... Looking for work.

It`s our small businesses and big businesses` job to grow and add more jobs. The government just tries to make sure that guidelines are there to see that the companies we work for follow the rules. Rules for our work conditions and the products we make and sell. Oh, I know all my Republican friends (and I have plenty) are thinking, oh Will`s going to start in with distribution of wealth. Well, I am not!

I don`t think that folks should have to have their government tell them what to do with their money and how much they can make or where they should spend it.  Unless they`re making their own, money that is, in their garage, if you know what I mean. Making fake money should purely be left to the Federal Government.  BUT I do think that this country needs jobs, a moral boost and maybe reprioritizing the needs of our country.

This might just give workers a little skip in their step. Plus, if the big corporate boys making handfuls of money were to reinvest in us, we would reinvest our money back into them. See, the more we make, the more we buy... I don`t think folks are looking for a handout. They just want to have all their basic needs met, roof over head, food and a job they don`t mind going to every day.

See, I believe if you have to tell folks to do something, you`re scolding them and no one likes to be scolded. Just doing something because it is the right thing to do has to come from your heart, not your pocketbook.

Now that`s just the way this cowboy sees it. Then again I may just be wearing horse blinders and asking folk (the big boys) to part with their money falls upon deaf ears. Now the next time we talk I will tell you of my plan that IF the government was to step in and create jobs.  It might help this dis-ease our country is going through called unemployment! 


Your friend,