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Published:October 15th, 2011 12:43 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Marie Suszynski, Co-Author of But I`m Hungry!

Judyth Piazza interviews Marie Suszynski, Co-Author of But I`m Hungry!

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Marie Suszynski is a longtime health writer in Pennsylvania. She writes for online publications such as Everyday Health and has been a contributing writer for more than a dozen books by Prevention magazine and other publishers. She also covered the insurance industry as a reporter for an online newswire and print newsletter published by the A.M. Best Co.

Marie is originally from the Buffalo, N.Y. area. She received her bachelor`s degree from SUNY College at Buffalo and a master`s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

She has written about everything from diabetes to skincare to mental health, but she has a passion for writing about food, exercise and weight loss. In addition to writing, she has taught freshman composition courses for two local colleges.

But I`m Hungry! Teams Up with Meal Journaling Service, MealLogger

The But I`m Hungry! team is proud to introduce a collaboration with  MealLogger, a suite of online nutrition coaching tools for smartphones. The software was designed to give professional dietitians a clear and continuous visual record of their client`s meals so they can help them make the right modifications to their diets.

According to Sue Mellen, editor of But I`m Hungry!, "the new e-book that looks at the role hunger plays in scuttling peoples` attempts to develop healthy eating habits, This is really a marriage made in Nutrition Heaven," she says. In the book, we offer a range of tools to help people deal with hunger and change their eating habits. The Number One tool we mention is a food journal, and MealLogger lets people create the ultimate food journal.

A Marriage Made in Nutrition Heaven

But I`m Hungry! readers can now use MealLogger to put the message of the book into practice. When someone clicks the Buy Now button (for either the pdf or epub version of But I`m Hungry!) at

The But I`m Hungry! team will then receive notification of the payment and send the buyer a link to their book. Along with that link will be a special code allowing them to sign up, free of charge, for the MealLogger service at

MealLogger`s photo-based meal- journaling tools allow individuals to keep track of their meals in pictures. Unlike traditional meal logs, all people need is their smartphone and they can conveniently capture all their meals wherever they are. When used in tandem with the nutritional advice offered in But I`m Hungry!, people can better keep track of their new dietary regimen, making them one step closer to achieving their fitness/nutrition goals. Not only does MealLogger make keeping a food journal easier, but MealLogger photo food journals can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to help readers create new conversations around healthy eating and lifestyle change.

This is the first time the MealLogger tools, usually reserved for healthcare professionals, have been made available to individuals interested in better controlling their diets.

About But I`m Hungry!

But I`m Hungry!  is a collaborative effort by a health writer, nutritionist and editor who have joined forces to help people beat the one thing that often stands in the way of living healthy: hunger. It is a blueprint for understanding and controlling hunger and taking back your life. The e-book includes analyses of hunger, meal plans and recipes, and tons of strategies for beating the beast.

For more information or to purchase a book in pdf or epub formats, go to