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Published:October 17th, 2011 17:45 EST
The Global Room for Women Proudly Announces Guest Appearance from Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

The Global Room for Women Proudly Announces Guest Appearance from Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

By SOP newswire2

The Global Room for Women Proudly Announces a Special Guest Appearance from Dr. Sakena Yacoobi Afghanistan`s Mother of Girls` Schools and Internationally Acclaimed Activist as Featured in the New York Times Bestseller, Half the Sky

American Women from Upstate New York to the Redwoods of California Join Beloved Champion for Girls` Education in Afghanistan, Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, in a Rare and Intimate Virtual Conversation beyond Reports of the Taliban and Terrorism

On November 16, 2011 Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Founder and Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning will gift scores of American women with her personal story of fortitude, courage, and leadership in a SPECIAL LIVE GLOBAL ROOM FOR WOMEN TELECONFERENCE.

Sakena built the Institute just as the Taliban came into power at a time when over 6 million Afghan refugees were living on the border of Pakistan and girls were prohibited from getting an education. She pioneered a system of underground schools and health care services for women and girls. She`s risked raids, floggings, imprisonment and even her own life.

Since the overthrow of the Taliban and after two decades the AIL has provided over 350,000 women and children access to education and health care in a system that not only serves them but is run by them " a model pioneered by Sakena. AIL has played a critical role in the reconstruction of Afghan society with now over 42 distinct programs sites and education learning centers.

From a recent interview with the Council for the Parliament of World Religions (Chicago) Sakena revealed modestly, We started school and after school and continued through today so we now have about 17,000 teachers. We offered workshops and 5,000 people came. So far, we have reached a million people inside Afghanistan and provide services for 350,000 women and children. It`s a great impact but still, we have a 13 million population and 7 million to reach "but it`s a start."

Sakena is popularly known for her appearance in the New York Times Bestseller, Half the Sky. Her awards are numerous and can be found at She serves on the Board for Global Fund for Women, special guest at the Parliament of World Religions, Australia 2009, nominated in 2005 for the collective 1000 women Nobel Peace Prize. She is an Ashoka Senior Fellow, awarded the 2005 Democracy Award of the National Endowment for Democracy and the Women`s Rights Prize from the Peter Gruber Foundation.

As an all new safe virtual space for women`s dialogue on relevant global issues of women, the Global Room for Women is the first-ever scalable platform that provides American women access to real-time, direct conversations by phone with an array of diverse women living in war-torn regions who are reshaping the landscape for women and girls` lives. Stereotypes, biases, and cultural assumptions are upended by real dialogue and agreements for conversations members make to one another while in the Global Room for Women.

"We designed The Global Room for Women to be convenient and easily adapted to a woman`s busy schedule, whether she`s a teacher, an executive or a soccer mom. We invite women to take a step outside their comfort zone, come as they are, when their schedules permit. All they need to do is pick up the telephone and an entire global community of women is waiting to engage with them," says GRW founder Linda Higdon. "The real beauty of this model is that we bring women from far-reaching areas of the world directly to busy U.S. women and can include hundreds of women across the country on each call, while creating an intimate experience through small breakout conversations. There is nothing like this out there for American women," adds Higdon.

Although these courageous women are likely not visible in the Western media news cycle, they are working under the radar to make real change from the bottom up. "We are continually amazed at the degree to which women on each side of the conversation are benefitting from listening to the experience of the other. They have been looking and almost longing for an unedited direct channel of their own, tuned into their frequency as women," adds Higdon.

Members pay a small fee ($30-50) per series of calls and there is no limit to how many they can attend. Each woman chooses her own experience. After each call many engage with each other as a living global community.