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Published:October 18th, 2011 08:33 EST
Too Much Wine - A BLACKOUT is a Match for Desperate Deborah Bradley!

Too Much Wine - A BLACKOUT is a Match for Desperate Deborah Bradley!

By John G. Kays

After yesterday`s developments, we attempt to reconstruct precisely what occurred the evening of October 3rd. Timeline is eschew now. Last sees Baby Lisa at 6:40 PM. Neighbor leaves at 10:30 PM; lights in the house were off then. Blackout? Five glasses of wine, maybe more? Wine on top of anxiety medication? Too much!

With Joe Tacopina on the scene, Deborah Bradley`s comments can be more carefully harnessed. Or can they? No less than 3 talk shows in the last two days and a news conference, where cagey Joe tries to juggle a barrel of conflicting evidence in Baby Lisa`s baffling early October vanishing act. Deborah puts her foot in her mouth when talking with Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

"I don`t see the problem in me having my grown-up time. I take good care of my kids. I keep my house clean. I do their laundry. I kiss their boo-boos. I fix them food. I`m involved in their school stuff. I mean, to me, there`s nothing wrong with me doing what I want to do after dark. As soon as I`m done drinking, I go right to bed."

Bradley goes on to tell Megyn that she drinks "maybe a couple of times a week." Does this mean she gets drunk, or merely has a few drinks? And is wine the only type of alcohol Deborah drinks, or does she also consume beer and/or whiskey? And was she in a blackout during that crazy night? 

It`s beginning to look like it. The neighbor could say how intoxicated she was that night. At least up to 10:30 PM when she departed the Irwin home. The neighbor also could probably estimate fairly closely how many glasses of wine she had consumed, up to that point in this topsy turvy night filled with misfortune. Once again, who turned the lights on, left the front door unlocked, and leaves a small side window ajar?

Who purloined the 3 family cell phones? And finally, who stole tiny, precious Baby Lisa from her crib, where she was sleeping peacefully and dreamin` of another day of fun and joy and playtime. Mood is blue. A blue funk of uncertainty, as a weeping mother who`s lost her child, weaves a tale of innocence into an unnerving camera-eye.

The beam radiates out to millions who want to believe her, but are having difficulty doing so. The reason I believe Deborah`s story, is because how or why would she kidnap her own baby, then stage the entire house to look like a baby-kidnapper had just ransacked the joint? All the while, poor mama is fast asleep when Jeremy comes home at 4 AM.

That is, if she was so drunk that she was in a state of blackout, then how could she engineer this complicated caper, that is of the highest caliber since the Lindbergh kidnapping in 1932. The point is, it would be impossible for a drunken Bradley to negotiate the logistics of this complicated crime. This simply proves she did not, she could not, have done it.

As far as the question of whether she has a drinking problem, and whether she`s in furious denial, I believe this has merit when we say the answer is yes (she does have some issues with alcohol that warrant painstaking examination and inward-directed self-appraisal). But who could have snuck in the quaint little house and snatched-up tiny Baby Lisa? 

That remains an enigma for the moment. This is an out-of-control roller coaster ride that is already off the tracks, and is flying through space with no perceivable landing dock on the immediate horizon! As I said before, strangest case since Hopewell, New Jersey, 1932.