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Published:October 19th, 2011 14:34 EST

Mama Bear And Her Cubs Take Over Neighborhood Tree

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A family of bears was an unexpected addition to an Asheville, N.C., neighborhood this week, hanging out in a tree, police said.

Police said in a release the bears did not appear aggressive and a reverse 911 call was made to neighborhood residents to advise them to steer clear of the animals. School transportation officials were also warned to be on the lookout for the bears."



I applaud the Asheville Police Department for not overreacting, they didn`t shoot the bears with tranquilizer darts and remove them from the tree.

Human beings are infringing on the habitat of bears and other wild animals, it`s humans and not the bears who are the interlopers.

Mama bear and her cubs were just hanging out in the tree, I hope a lot of idiots didn`t gather around and disturb the bears.

The delightful animals eventually left of their own accord.

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