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Published:October 19th, 2011 11:35 EST
Penny Stock Videos Alerts CXLL, CDID, NPWZ and FHWY as Potential Buys

Penny Stock Videos Alerts CXLL, CDID, NPWZ and FHWY as Potential Buys

By Seth Davis

Leading financial newsletter Penny Stock Videos has completed an extensive due diligence process on four stocks that they intend to feature. These stocks are Chatter Box Call Center (CXLL), Quad Energy (CDID), Neah Power Systems (NPWZ) and Fitt Highway Products (FHWY). Small and micro cap investors are encouraged to look over these companies, as they are all currently being recommended by many different newsletters in the industry. plans to release analysis videos for all four stocks which will be available to newsletter subscribers free of charge.

Perhaps the most interesting of the above stocks is NPWZ, which is being recommended by Stock Goodies. Stock Goodies is a popular website for stock traders and profiles several promising companies a month.  According to their recent email, Neah Power Systems Inc is in the business of developing long-lasting, efficient and safe power solutions. The stock is currently trading at very low levels. Meanwhile,  Chatter Box Call Center (CXLL) was recently alerted by Whisper From Wall Street. CXLL is a global call center and outsourcing company. While many Americans dislike the steadily increasing trend of outsourcing to overseas labour, the fact remains that outsourcing does save corporations large sums of money over time, and CXLL is poised to profit off outsourcing into the future.

Fitt Highway Products (FHWY) saw an increase of 22% on Tuesday (albeit on relatively low dollar volume), and now with coverage from a couple of different newsletters, we could see another uptrend. FHWY sells so called "energy shot" beverages, competing with industry giants such as 5 Hour Energy. The final company that Penny Stock Videos is analysing is Quad Energy (CDID), an independent junior oil and gain exploration company that also looks promising.

Newcomers to penny stocks should be reminded that investing in any of the afore mentioned companies carries a certain degree of risk, and they should conduct their own analysis and due diligence before making any investment.