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Published:October 21st, 2011 13:20 EST

'Spider-Man' Tries To Hold Up Convenience Store! Clerks Beat Him Silly!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in North Carolina said a man who attempted to rob a store while wearing a Spider-Man mask found himself on the receiving end of a beating."


Dale Foughty, 56 was wearing a Spider-Man mask and brandishing a Samurai sword when he demanded money for the convenience store clerk.


I wouldn`t be intimidated by the robber`s Spider-Man mask, but the sword would have rendered me trembling like a schoolgirl. But the clerk on duty wasn`t too impressed, he struck the robber in the stomach with a broom handle, and his co-worker joined the fight.

The convenience store clerks were the real super heroes, they ripped off Foughty`s ponytail and they left him a bloody mess. He ran off like a frightened schoolgirl, sans mask and ponytail. I would have gone Medieval on Foughty simply for wearing a ponytail, there`s nothing more pathetic than an old man trying to look hip by wearing a ponytail.

Donning the Spider-Man mask probably made Foughty feel a little bit heroic, but he sure didn`t feel like a super hero after the two clerks were done teaching him a lesson.

Needless to say Foughty was quickly apprehended by the cops. Foughty isn`t going to get the chance to wear the Spidy mask again this year, he will spend Halloween behind bars.

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