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Published:October 21st, 2011 15:23 EST
The Right Place At The Right Time: Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty Campaign Rally in Las Vegas

The Right Place At The Right Time: Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty Campaign Rally in Las Vegas

By Will Roberts

Sometimes when you in the right place at the right time, you get exactly what you want. 

I`ll start off by saying that I stumbled upon this event... And I got exactly what I wanted.   No, I didn`t get notified by one of my many social media apps. I didn`t get a call from one of my sources.  Just like the old days, I turned down the right street at the right time and bam... 

Opportunity was knocking, and standing in front of me in the form of a rally. No. It was not an Occupy Wall Street rally, although they`re popping up as fast as payday loan places. No, it was a political rally and not surprising considering they had a Republican Debate here in Las Vegas this week. 

Anyhow, it really was my wife who spotted this group of political followers and as we got closer we realized it was the Republican front runner Mitt Romney. Also by his side was former Governor Tim Pawlenty. 

Now, it does not matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, the double talk is still the same. 

Who`s right and who`s wrong, and who can you blame it on. 

If folks had relationships with their significant others like they do with their local political figures we would have a lot more domestic disputes.  I mean if you listen to these politicians you`ll notice that not much they say is positive, always shootin down the other side. They always promise and rarely deliver and they will dump you for another person if they have more money, campaign money! 

The next election has started this year`s promises and seems to be as exciting as a heavy weight bout and as catty as an episode of the Housewives of Washington, DC and that`s only among the Republicans.  These wannabe Presidential candidates are showing Americans just how dysfunctional politics can be. 

Politics or politicians are like being an actor. Always "on" and always thinking their more qualified for the job than they are. 

Enjoy the story I shot and don`t focus on the party, focus on the politics, BOTH sides do it.


Your Friend, 

Will Roberts

Will Roberts