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Published:October 21st, 2011 22:21 EST
Trends In Social Networks

Trends In Social Networks

By Sophie Akinyi

Man is a social being, hence the need to venture into more social avenues where people meet, develop friendships and even go deeper into companionship. Facebook, which is one of the social sites that became quite a hit in Kenya not so many years back. To some, it is still a new thing, while others have already gotten used to it.

Before joining these social sites, there is always a great drive since one is anxiously looking forward to meeting old friends who for some reason disappeared immediately after they were out of school. There you are a newcomer to Facebook, everyone who was there before you congratulate you for making a step away from backwardness.

You are excited as you will always get a notification whenever you log into your account. You will feel loved and appreciated since your friends will comment on your posts however silly some might sound not forgetting photo comments. You will join groups you have an interest in, write notes and along the way develop new friends. During this period, there is sweet name calling especially for chicks, requests to meet for lunch or dinner and everything sweet.

One year down the line, you look back and realize that a lot has changed. The attention you used to enjoy is gradually fading; most of your posts lose their meaning as nobody will comment on them. When you upload a new photo which you think is hotter than the previous ones, you will be shocked at how nobody comments on them.

The worst hits you when you realize the number of friends you had has gone down. Since you already developed a lot of friendships, you are unable to know who unfriended you. You are also very scared of allowing applications that might give you such details for fear that your account might be hacked. Some of you though are ready to take the risk just to find out who unfriended them and who`s been snooping on their profile and pictures.

Social sites are supposed to be fun, so why are people holding back? You get excited to find your so called friends online and you immediately start chatting them up, only to get a cold response, total silence or completely logging off from the other person. You are left at no choice but to examine yourself deep down to find out whether you wronged these people.

The only people who somehow get much attention are celebrities. For you, the only time you will get overwhelming notifications is during your birthday, which is once a year. You can`t help but wonder why nobody is interested in your stuff. The truth is, there are several people who are always on your profile; checking out your info, photos and wall.

So why can`t they say something about it? Are they jealous of you, your success or what?

You better get used to it because some people are only your friends because you shared a room called classroom; but you don`t make sense to them. Besides, life is too short to surround yourself with people who dislike you yet are pretending. It`s better to have two friends who are genuine than a whole bunch of pretenders!