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Published:October 22nd, 2011 13:25 EST

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Mopping Floors, Cleaning Toilets At The Morgue

By Robert Paul Reyes

On Thursday Lindsay Lohan arrived late for her first day of community service at the LA morgue, and she was promptly turned away. The pop tart can get away with arriving late on the set when she`s filming a movie, but she can`t get away with that nonsense when she`s performing community service.


On Friday the pop diva was on time and she tried to make amends by bringing cupcakes and other goodies for the staff, but it`s against the rules for the staff to accept gratuities from inmates. The troubled actress is on probation, and she`s considered an inmate.

Lohan won`t be receiving any special treatment, she`s going to clean restrooms, mop floors and empty trash bins just like every other petty criminal performing community service.

Lohan won`t be allowed to go anywhere near the autopsy rooms, the train wreck won`t be given an opportunity to defile the corpses by simply being in the same room.

The starlet`s stint in the morgue may serve to humiliate her, but it won`t motivate her to turn her life around. Lohan has too many sycophants and enablers surrounding her -- not to mention her toxic mother.

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