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Published:October 22nd, 2011 12:37 EST

Why Are Liberals Afraid To Question Herman Cain's Intellect?

By Robert Paul Reyes

I have written dozen of articles depicting Sarah Palin as a dimwit who  pretended to run for president in order to burnish her brand name. I received many emails from my fellow liberals praising me for exposing the former beauty queen, and I received critical emails from the usual suspects.

cainI`ve questioned Herman Cain`s intellect, and I have raised doubts about his sincerity in running for president. My fellow liberals, for the most part, have remained mute in the face of the glaring evidence that Herman Cain`s elevator doesn`t reach the top floor.

In the past I have implied that Cain isn`t the sharpest knife in the drawer, let me now explicitly declare that Herman Cain is a moron. The pizza king`s real reason for entering the presidential fray is to sell books and to elicit more gigs to deliver speeches for at least $25,000 a pop.

Michele Bachmann may be ridiculed for not knowing that Libya is in Africa, but in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday in May of this year Cain was caught flatfooted when he didn`t know what the term "The Palestine right of return" meant.

In a more recent interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, it was revelaed that Cain was unfamiliar with the term "neoconservative." Maybe some of the neoconservatives advising Cain should wear name tags identifying themselves as such.

Dear fellow liberals, it`s OK to call a black politician a moron when it`s manifestly evident that he doesn`t know jack about foreign policy or domestic issues. In fact it`s racist and cowardly to treat an African American with kid`s gloves, simply because he`s black.

Let`s hope that Herman Cain won`t end up in the White House, but as a commentator on Fox News. I`m sure Cain will be delighted to work with fellow dunce Sarah Palin.

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