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Published:October 25th, 2011 11:19 EST
Obama May Not Be Good at Bowling But He Sure Can Throw a Strike

Obama May Not Be Good at Bowling But He Sure Can Throw a Strike

By Will Roberts

Now, all I know is what I hear coming from our President`s mouth and right now his word seems to be golden, well, foreign policy wise. Whatever he says is Roosevelt with us. If he were a baseball player we`d be going to the World Series football, The Super Bowl.  

He`s rounded up and brought to justice more most-wanted than any other lawman of our time.

It`s kinda hard to imagine even Marshall Dillon or Eliot Ness with this many notches on his belt. Yet, even with all Obama`s bad ass-ness he can`t kick start the jobs bill. Mainly on account of the fact that Republicans are playing the bad cowboys in black hats in this western. They`re doing everything in their RIGHT minds to derail anything that this President tries to do to get Americans on the right track.  

Now, I have said this before and I`ll say it again, the fear of an election brings out the best in an incumbent (fulfilling campaign promises) and the worst in a candidate (making campaign promises). One gets to focus on the country, and the other on what they would do if they were running the country.

The point is getting politicians to work in the off campaign season is hard enough already. Throw a Presidential campaign in and you might as well flip a coin to make decisions for our country.  

If you read my column then you might remember the title from a way`s back:"Hey Mr. President ... Why don`t you try walking on water!" Well, I don`t know about you folks but when it comes to keeping us safe and Cowboy Diplomacy (Aka Obama`s hit list) he is close to a perfect game.

He may not be good at bowling but he sure can throw a strike.  

Now, maybe he just needs to try these tactics domestically, you know, on the Republicans and the House and Senate for that matter. I`m not saying he needs to hit on these old boys, just hold them hostage until they pay this jobs bill. 

Mr. Obama, just call them all into session; stand there as they come in holding this sign: "Who`s Next!" that might get them thinking straight! 

Your friend, 

Will Roberts