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Published:October 25th, 2011 17:43 EST

Top Ten Ways To Look Like Lady Gaga For Halloween

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Ask a friend to hit you over the head with a sledgehammer, that`s the best way to capture Lady Gaga`s "dazed and confused" look.

gaga*Ask a friend to give you a black eye, we all know how Gaga loves the Illuminati "Eye of Horus" symbol.

*Look up vintage photos of Madonna on the Internet, and copy her look.

*Learn to screech like a  monkey on crack, you will sound just like the pop tart.

*Engage in childish publicity stunts and then whine that everybody is hatin` on you because you are so avant-garde.

*Wear a short skirt sans underwear, and then complain that the paparazzi won`t leave you alone.

*Exploit a minority for publicity and financial gain, and every chance you get declare how much you love them.

*Call your sycophants a dismissive and derogatory name, like say, "monsters" or "freaks." They will love you even more!

*Wear a soiled diaper on your head, you will be celebrated as a visionary who is expanding the boundaries of artistic expression.

*Give yourself a grand title that you don`t deserve, like "Queen of Pop."

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