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Published:October 26th, 2011 11:32 EST

Video: Herman Cain's Web Ad Featuring Mark Block Is Disturbing, Creepy & Evil!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Former CEO of Godfather`s Pizza, Herman Cain, is leading in most of the national polls, he doesn`t have to resort to cheap gimmicks to bring attention to his campaign.

cainIt makes no sense for Cain to release a cheesy Internet  ad that looks like it was produced by a 14-year-old boy using a web cam.

But nothing about Cain`s presidential campaign makes any sense, he spends more time hawking his books than he does outlining his policies.

The ad starts with Cain`s campaign manager, Mark Block, uttering a string of platitudes -- a normal enough beginning. But then the camera zooms in to an extreme close-up of Block`s visage. To put it kindly Block will never be mistaken for a Hollywood actor, his face was not made for HD TV. Block`s face is pockmarked, and it looks like a vampire drained all the blood from him.

Every couple of seconds Cain jerks his head as if he`s trying to swat a mosquito, why a mosquito would be attracted by a man whose blood has already been drained by a hungry vampire is beyond my comprehension.

Block finishes his endorsement by taking a long drag on a cigarette. The way Block greedily sucks on the cigarette he resembles a pot head or a vampire.

This ad is way too weird, to be properly appreciated you must be high on weed or insane. Dude, your hapless campaign just went up in smoke.

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