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Published:October 27th, 2011 21:16 EST
Is the Devil Looking for Klout? "666"

Is the Devil Looking for Klout? "666"

By Donna Cavanagh

Has anyone heard  the term "Alexa Ranking"? Well, the Alexa Ranking rates the popularity of sites based mainly on traffic data.  For example, is #1; Facebook is # 2 and so on.  Those rankings make sense because millions of people go to those sites each day.  The Alexa rankings are important for sites because it helps determine their monetary value, so websites strive to improve their ranking. However, sometimes there is a number that no one wants to hold. Such is probably the case for who is lucky enough today to be ranked #666.   I know computer geek companies put no faith in superstition, religion and satanic numbers. They are too logical for that. But #666? Come on, even has got to worry this close to Halloween!

What if the Prince of Darkness has discovered the Alexa rating system and wants to use it to gain access to the Internet world? Who is he going to contact?  Whoever is in the #666 slot of course and today that is and guess what? It`s sort of a good fit., a San Francisco-based company, helps Internet users discover their online influence by tracking their social media activity such as how many followers and friends they have.`s job is to tell those on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. whether they are social media magnets or friendless drones. 

So, if Satan wants to get into the social media game, could be his entry point. By getting in good with social media users, Satan could literally take over the Internet and no one would be the wiser except for those who follow the Alexa ranking.    

Sounds farfetched? Well, it probably is. might increase its rank quickly as more and more people sign up to have their social media presence monitored. Honestly, I would be really freaked out if stayed at #666. That would definitely be a bad omen. For the sake of argument, let`s say that does jump in rank and becomes #665 leaving the notorious #666 slot available. What company or person would be a good #666?

Quite frankly, I think this slot should be as(s)igned. I don`t think "good" websites should have to be #666. It would be like wearing the infamous Scarlet Letter. It could hurt business, especially with so many diehard religious zealots scouring the Internet for signs of the Devil`s power. So, who would get the #666 as(s)ignment?  Well, if it were up to me, The famous number would not be as(s)igned to p(o)rn sites or even make-money-online sites. No, my first choice would be BP Oil.  Sorry, I have not forgiven them for that little oil spill thing down in the Gulf yet. Secondly, I would go to the Armageddon 2012 people. There are a thousand or so sites dedicated to this, and I am not picky as to which one gets the #666 nod, but one of them should be tattooed with that wicked triple-digit number for being so damn annoying with their constant end-of-days chatter. The Tea Party websites could do justice to the #666 spot too. They and Satan have so much in common: They like ultimate control and they misquote God a lot.  Finally, Rush Limbaugh. Why?  Need you ask?  

Anyway, I hope for the sake of, that it either moves up or move down in ranking really soon.  Personally, I think they have a nice company and I would hate to see a little thing like being known as the #666 company get in their way of success.