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Published:October 27th, 2011 11:41 EST

Video: US Dismantles Colossal Super Duper B-53 Nuclear Bomb

By Robert Paul Reyes

Everything is bigger in Texas, it comes as no surprise that the biggest nuclear bomb in the US arsenal was housed in The Lone Star State. The mega B-53 nuclear device has been dismantled, but is this a historical achievement or an election year ploy by Obama to pander to his base?


I`m not sleeping any easier because this cold war relic has been destroyed, the US and Russia have a gazillion nuclear bombs and we can destroy our little blue planet a hundred times over.

A few hippies in San Francisco may be smoking joints in celebration over the destruction of the colossal bomb, but peace lovers are distressed that none of the presidential hopefuls even mention nuclear disarmament.

The destruction of the B53 bomb is an important symbol, but at this late stage in the game when countries let by crackpots like North Korea have joined the nuclear club, we need more than symbols.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama, needs to get with the program and get serious about ridding the world of nuclear bombs.