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Published:October 28th, 2011 16:32 EST
Fireworks Free Diwali Celebration in Kenya

Fireworks Free Diwali Celebration in Kenya

By Sophie Akinyi

Hindus in Kenya welcomed a new year on a rather quiet but merry note as there were no loud fountains and sparkles.

The Diwali Festival which is normally celebrated by wild fireworks was this time received by candles lit in homes and temples of the Hindu faithful.

The move to do away with the fireworks that signify beauty and happiness was arrived at following the recent terror threats by the Somali`s outlawed Alshabaab militia group.

Kenyan police have since heightened security following the arrest of a confessed Alshabaab who was convicted to life imprisonment today.

According to the Hindu calendar, the 27th October saw the beginning of year 2068; making them 57 years ahead of most people around the world.

The event was however successful as the usual forgiveness and helping of disadvantaged members of the society were carried out.