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Published:October 28th, 2011 18:17 EST
OMG! is Saved!

OMG! is Saved!

By Donna Cavanagh

Well, has been saved. Yesterday, I wrote that had the dubious honor of earning an Alexa ranking of #666.  For those of you who do not know what an Alexa Ranking is, it`s the premiere way by which websites are ranked. Rankings help determine the value of a website, so sites work hard to get their rankings as high as possible.  As of yesterday,, a San Francisco-based company which analyzes social media users` Internet reach had worked their way up to #666.

As many are aware, the number 666 is, well, to be blunt, the Devil`s number.  I don`t know if it`s really the Devil`s number but as far as Hollywood is concerned, it is. It`s in all the Devil movies. So, even if it`s fiction, who wants to be a(s)sociated with the Prince of Darkness when one doesn`t have to?  Well, maybe during Halloween week it would be fun, but as a general rule, it`s a little creepy.

Anyway, has no worries anymore as this site now sits at 665, and I say good for them. However, I reiterate my stance on this #666 ranking. I am petitioning Alexa to skip that number much like many skyscrapers skip the 13th floor. Everyone knows it`s there; it is just not talked about. Now, I understand that this might screw up statistics and if Alexa finds it imperative to continue with the #666 ranking, I ask them to just a(s)sign it to sites that "merit" the ranking not because of traffic but because of content. Yesterday, I suggested any sites with Rush Limbaugh or the 2012 apocalypse sites.  I think they would honor the meaning of the 666 well! If that is too controversial, find sites that follow the Chief Dark One himself. 

Well, whatever Alexa decides I will support them, but I have to say as someone with a Klout of 51.48, I am thrilled that has overcome the #666 and is now free of the evil designation.

 Is the Devil Looking for Klout? "666" has an Alexa Ranking today of 666. I don`t think they deserve to be there. But other sites might.